Root Canal Treatment

All teeth originally have vital pulp tissue (nerves and blood vessels) inside them. Sometimes, this tissue can become damaged due to decay, trauma or gum disease. If this happens, the tooth can become very sensitive to hold and cold food and drinks, or tender to touch and bite on. The gum around your tooth, and even your face, can begin to swell. This means an abscess has formed and root canal treatment may be the only way to alleviate your symptoms and ultimately save the tooth from extraction.


Root canal treatment may also be necessary before restoring badly damaged or broken teeth which are not yet exhibiting any uncomfortable symptoms. These teeth could cause problems in the future if root canal treatment is not carried out first.

We use the latest technology, incorporating disposable nickel titanium instruments to clean and disinfect the inner core of the tooth quickly and thoroughly. We are happy to carry out this treatment on all teeth and are often able to complete the process in one visit.


After the treatment, the tooth may become discoloured or be more brittle than a healthy tooth. If this happens, the tooth can be strengthened and aesthetically restored back to its original or superior appearance with many different techniques depending on what is needed.


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